Is the HondaJet difficult to land?

The short answer: absolutely not!

In fact, when first teaching basic landing technique, I tell my students, landing the HondaJet is the “art of doing nothing.” Once stabilized on final, you simply fly the plane to the ground. There is no flare in a textbook landing. Pilots coming from planes that are a handful while approaching and in ground-effect are amazed at how simple it is to land.

If you follow the technique in the POM (see video below) and stay within the limits of the aircraft (20kt direct crosswind), the plane is a joy to land. I have never once felt out of control in the many hundreds of landings I have done from sea-level airports in the lighting capital of the world, AKA Central Florida, to the highest and most turbulent airport in the country – Telluride (photo above).

Here is a video to illustrate the point:

(please note: for some strange reason, I say “speed to zero” in this video, instead of “thrust to idle”. The technique is most certainly not speed to zero!)

Landing after the first leg of a TYPE RATING PREP session coming into KSEF.

2 thoughts on “Is the HondaJet difficult to land?

  1. Mark Leavitt

    David, I have to admit that it was only recently that I began “flying onto the runway” instead of trying to “grease it on”. Your representation in this 19 sec video was perfect…I had the same reaction when I actually allowed it to just land itself…WOW!

    I love that video clip!

  2. Morris M Bryan

    This method works when your GS is 3 degrees but when you are steeper than that you have to flair a little


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