Do you like the HondaJet?

Like? No, I LOVE it! The HondaJet is a dream to fly. It is comfortable, quiet, fast, and incredibly well designed for Single Pilot operations.

I probably amaze experienced Jet pilots most with the fact that I almost never turn on an exterior light. The HondaJet is smart enough to know exactly when to turn on beacon, strobe, recognition, NAV, taxi, and landing lights. For a single pilot, that is a lot of steps/distractions eliminated from the routine.

The fit and finish is the best of all that I have seen. My passengers are always comfortable and amazed by the quiet cabin experience.

In flight, the Natural Laminar Flow wing and high load of the HondaJet wing design make for very smooth flight characteristics and excellent performance slicing through turbulence. What’s the trade off for having smaller, faster, smoother wings? Landing and take-off distances are a bit longer than lower-wing-load competitors. It is a trade off that I am very happy to make. I am always amazed when I hear an airline pilot behind me at FL350 asking for a different altitude because of turbulence. What turbulence?

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